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Solutions for steelworks

From smelting works through coke ovens, steel mills, foundries and rolling mills up to material storage - igus® offers the ideal energy supply solutions for all requirements of a modern integrated steel plant.
Extreme conditions in terms of heat and dust, high demands on precision, long travel and sometimes highly dynamic movements, require individual solutions for every application.

We have the solution for almost every requirement and completely avoid steel and other metals in our materials. Even in many heavy-duty applications, steel systems were successfully replaced by energy supply systems made of high-performance plastics due to their extraordinary suitability.
The requirements are high and we meet them:

Resistant to corrosion

Cost-efficient, modular design

Long life at minimum maintenance costs

Resistance against dirt, chemicals and high temperatutres

Proven, tested material with igus® system garantee

Low weight with high stability

TÜV certified

Current News 2015 for steelworks

Quiet, fast, low wear, durable …

Reduce drive power for moving energy chains - with the E4.1 standard kit – E4.1 rol e-chain®


Special e-chain® for applications with fine dust


The EMA system is an electronic diagnostic tool

divisible separators

To fill the e-chains® more easily and more effectively,

… 40 % lighter …

High energy efficiency thanks to low driving forcesand use of lighter e-chains® Conductor cable made of special material CCA

… CAT7 Ethernet cables for all movements …

Bus cables in the Ethernet area are becoming increasinglyimportant.

... 400 x new.

Now choose from 7 quality levels and over 3200 drive cables with guaranteed service life


ready for shipping in 24 hours E4.1 overview

ONE e-chain® series for almost any application

ready for shipping in 24 hours E2/000 overview

Two-piece - The E2 standard

ready for shipping in 24 hours E4/4 overview

High stability "mounted on the side" - very long travels

Overview rol e-chain®

Rolling instead of gliding: e-chain® for very long travels

Guidelok vertical, space saving

guidelok slimline "P": Secure vertical guiding of e-chains® for fast storage and retrieval systems.

Guide troughs

Guide troughs are used in long travels according to chain type from 5–12 m. They support the smooth low-friction operation of the igus® e-chain® and E-Tubes.

iglidur® polymer bearing

Dirt- and temperature resistance, lubricant- and maintance-free.

Assembly service

Housing, design, assembling and complete installation of energy chains with all components.

Application examples

Steel production

High speed transportation of hot steel.

Steel mills

Temperatures up to 1200°C or lashing blaze from the oven pose high demands on the plant.

Movable melting furnace

The special requirement with this furnace system was the movement of the filled furnace weighing a total of 45 tonnes.

Furnace for the steel industry

This newly developed gas-fired furnace only requires onethirdof the usual time to heat up rollers in the steel industry

Coke oven

This system feeds coal to the compressor of a coke oven.

Crane in metal processing

With this indoor crane application, igus® e-chains® can really show off their strengths.

Crane in casting house

These three cranes are used to transport containers with liquid metal in a casting house.

Discharging station for crude metal/metal scrap

Almost maintenance-free solution in a discharge station for crude metal/metal scrap, thanks to the energy supply system with plastic products from igus®.

Indoor and outdoor cranes

Outdoor cranes must withstand harsh weather conditions. Indoor cranes also work under alternating moisture influences with simultaneous extremely high temperatures.

Automatic Zinc Line

igus® energy chains have successfully replaced the dangling cables previously used to supply the rotary drums in this zinc line.

Roll stand for railway tracks

Up to now, the energy supply to the rollers in this railway track rolling mill has been realised using steel chains.

Storage and Retrieval Units for High-Bay Warehouses

igus® energy chains are used in the storage and retrieval units of the company viastore systems in Stuttgart due to their operational reliability, even more noise reduction and lower material costs.

Storage and retrieval machine

Due to the relatively high dynamic values, a guidelok slimline F was used for the safe guiding of the energy chain in this storage and retrieval machine with a lifting height of 6 meters.

Maanshan steel and ironworks: High temperatures, large loads, a lot of dust and high speed.

voestalpine Stahl Donawitz: High level of dirt during descaling of the rails to be milled.

Slovakia, aluminium works. Error-free operation for 9 years. Distance 62 m, speed 0.3 m/s.

Shagang, steel and ironworks in China. High temperatures, high speeds, heavy dust.

Meishan steel and iron works, Nanjing in China. Crane, heavy dust, high tempo.

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